Woodland Archery

"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Pawnee Legend)

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Native Hunter with Bow

Bowyer (Bow Maker)

Woodland Archery Events for 2019

Coming to the Topeka Southwest YMCA

WOODLAND ARCHERY HOSTING A BASIC ARCHERY CLASS in Topeka, Kansas. Reply for more information...... The basic archery class will be indoors. We will teach basic technique and form using a traditional bow. Equipment, safety and elements of shooting will be covered. Equipment is provided. Students may use their own equipment with instructor approval.  Email: Orders@WoodlandArchery.com for more details

CENTRAL MISSOURI REN FAIRE - This Renaissance Festival will be held in Kingdom City, Missouri (about 15 miles East of Columbia, MO).  For more information visit: https://www.centralmorenfest.net/  

Woodland Archery is the Host of the Golden Arrow Archery Tournament 

April 27,28 - Time Travelers Weekend.  Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, or Fantasy Woodland Archery will be in the middle of it all.

May 4,5 - Highland Fling.- Grab your kilts and head over.  You can find Woodland Archery on the archery field this weekend.

October 19, 20 - Oktober Fest.  Join us for a taste of Fall in Missouri.  Archery range will be in full swing.

  Woodland Archery takes Money Orders, Checks, and credit cards through Paypal .