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Hi, I am Jeremy Bays, the owner of WoodlandArchery.com.  We (My dog, llama, and myself)  have been serving the traditional archery community since 2002 but the story started long before that…..

In my youth, I remember searching my yard for sticks and branches to fabricate my own bow.  Many of these “bows” lasted about one or maybe two shots before they snapped in half.

I wanted something better so that I could be just like my hero, Robin Hood.  You see in fourth grade, I read the Howard Pyle novel ROBIN HOOD.  I feel in love with Sherwood Forest and the outlaws that roamed freely through the pages.  I wanted to be just like them.  I wanted to dodge the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and hit the bulls-eye to win the hand of the Fair Lady.  I only lacked two things

The FIRST thing missing from my quiver was a three cornered, Lincoln green “Robin Hood” archer’s hat.  At 10 years old, I decided to ask my mom to sew a “Robin Hood hat.  The trouble was, she had no idea what this hat looked like.  I showed her picture after picture and even created a very detailed pattern (at least my 10 year old self thought so), but the finished product was just not right.

The SECOND item always present in a good tale of the England from long ago, was a English Longbow.  I lacked the money to purchase such a weapon so I started saving pennies, dimes, and quarters from my lunch money until I had the funds to start looking for a used bow.

Time marched on and the story of Robin and his band of archers was moved from the forefront of my life on to the back burner.  After high school a lack of time caused me to set aside archery almost completely, although the interest always lingered in the back of his mind.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to put on the tights (OK, not really) and pick up the English longbow once again.  I have been serving traditional and primitive archers since that day.

WoodlandArchery.com has a large range of archery products.  If you are JUST STARTING OUT and need a basic bow, you can not go wrong with our affordable and well shooting PVC bows.  Maybe you are a seasoned archer and want to upgrade your tackle.  We can help you too with a large variety of bows wanting for you.  Hunting this season?  Start your hunt here with a new bow.

Whatever you decide, we stand behind (not in front- arrows are dangerous) of our prducts 100%.


  • Woodland Archery is named after the Woodland Indian tribes like the Shawnee, Miami, and Delaware
  • Our first bow ever sold was a Heritage English Longbow
  • I raised 2 llamas, so many things I do have a llama in them
  • My favorite song is __________________ (it changes every other day)
  • This website is fueled by too much Mountain Dew

Woodland Archery
 is an archery dealer in Central Kansas that has been committed to providing you with the best wooden bows that your hard earned money can buy since October 2002

We sell many well tillered, durable, reasonably priced bows all suitable for both entry level and experienced archers.  Many of your bows are suitable for hunting both small and larger game animals. 

Our English Longbow complies with the SCA requirements for target archery.  So if you are a target archer, Traditional archer, bowhunter, reenactor, or backyard Robin Hood then click above to see the entire archery product line.