Heavy Weight PVC Recurve Horsebow

Hunting weight PVC Horse Bow
This is the same awesome shooting Horse Bow ONLY Stronger.

I have modified the horse bow design to be a bit shorter which translates into a 45 pound draw weight.  This is a hunting strength bow.  I, and many others, have used it hunting.  This last season I took it Turkey Hunting (we are having gopher for Thanksgiving, but it was not the bow's fault that I am a bad hunter).

The bow is made of PVC and looks exactly like wood.  I have fooled several people in person and the only way they know it is not wood, is to pick up the bow (I had one guy argue with me and I made the bow :-)  ) These bows are 56.5 inches tip to tip. It pulls about 35 pounds at 26 inches and 40 pounds at 28 inches. I really would stick with a short draw. The bow is great for LARP, SCA, Renaissance faires, and I would image even Katniss would Hunger after a bow like this. This is a REAL smooth shooting bow. My daughter won an Archery tournament using one of these bows.  I have made a few of these bows for ArcheryTag (think paintball with foam tipped arrows), backyard shoots, and even had one customer use it for hunting small game.  These really are great shooters.   Please let me know what finish you would like: Light wood, Dark Wood, or black. 550 paracord string included. If color is not given, I will ship a dark wood grain model. 

Here are some reviews from bows sold on eBay
Very high quality for the price.comparable to any fine wooden recurve.

I never really thought a bow made of PVC pipe would work, but now I love it.

1.) It is made from PVC and formed into an awesome shooting REAL bow (I have been shooting some of the first ones I made for several YEARS!).
2.) A REAL shooting hunting weight bow
3.) No assembly required
4.) Great bow at a great price
Shipping is FREE in the United States
Once again, this is a REAL, solid shooting PVC recurve bow.  Yes, it really does perform well and I know you will love it. 
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