Everything you need to make a vintage Longbow or Flatbow in as little as one evening…

Do you want to build a nice longbow or a great shooting flatbow?

Are you short on time and maybe not too great with woodworking tools?

You can build your dream bow using the information in these TWO COMPLETE books.  These are hard-to-find books that are Classics in the Archery world.


You will receive TWO COMPLETE Archery Books:



 Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope. 

This book includes:

      * Details of Ishi's (the last of the Yana Indians) Hunting Methods.  These techniques will make sure           your freezer is stocked with meat.

      * The best subsitute for Yew in bow making

      * Making a Hunting bow with three simple tools

      * Best ways to shoot your new bow

      *  Tons on big game hunting stories

      * 130 pages packed with vintage archery lore




The Flatbow by W. Ben Hunt. 

This book includes:

      * Details on making your own Hunting strength Flatbow (Native American style bow)

      * The best arrow woods and where to find them

      *  Making your own bowstring.  This alone could save you $100 or more a year

      * Shoot tips from a world class expert.

      *  56 pages of great archery information you will not find ANYWHERE else.


If you order now I will include TWO great bonus articles…just added another article to you now get THREE.  You will receive TWO THREE articles from vintage issues of Popular Mecahnics.  The articles are:

         – Now You Can Shoot The New American Flat Bow

         – Shoot a Bow for Fun

        – Making a Fiberglass Recurve Bow


All of these articles have detailed plans and drawings about making and shooting these great bows.  These are easily worth $55 each if purchased on their own.  you get over $100 in FREE BONUS OFFERS. 


You will love it or you do not pay !! 100 percent money returned if you do not like it.  PERIOD!!!


Order this kit now and get started on your new bow tonight.  We offer INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this information to your computer. 

NO WAITING for shipping YOU GET the plans NOW!!!!




 (Let than the price of a couple Happy Meals)

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