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Yumi Kyudo Bow

Samurai Style Japanese Bow (Yumi)

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For Centuries the warriors of Japan (Samurai) armed themselves with a extra long wooden bow.  The reason they used this style of bow is uncertain, but the design is a wonderful shooter.  Now that same style bow is used in the modern world in a martial art called Kyudo.  Woodland Archery brings the world of Kyudo to your door.

This Yumi-style Japanese Longbow is custom made to your height (see chart below).  The bow is made from Solid Red Oak backed with linen . It pulls between 30 and 35 pounds and has a draw length of up to 32 inches. As with all Yumi bows this is an asymmetrical design, and the handle is off-center. This allows the wrist and bow hand to be in perfect alignment at full draw and makes for a more accurate sweet shooting longbow. THIS BOW CAN BE SHOT TRADITIONAL KYUDO STYLE WITH ARROWS OVER 40 INCHES LONG.

This bow is 90 inches long

The bow is permanently finished and needs no maintenance. Instructions are included with the bow.


$140.00 + $14 Shipping 

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