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"The Moon gave us the bow and the Sun gave us the arrow" (Pawnee Legend)

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Tomahawks and Training Knives

All Tomahawks are $20.00


Once Again in stock and ready to ship!!

Hard Plastic TRAINING Tomahawks.   Measures 16 inches head to hilt.

This Woodland Archery original design is perfect for practice and training with the tomahawk, belt axe, boarding axe, or small hatchet. 

Each training tomahawk is made of a hard plastic that will not break on you after years of abuse.  

Compare this to other trainers that are over $60 and you can see the value. 

To read the review for this Tomahawk as found in the Book TOMAHAWKS: TRADITIONAL TO TACTICAL by David Grant.

 Your Price Only $20 U.S. Dollars !! 



Each Tomahawk is ONLY  $20







Tomahawk Training DVD coming soon!! 

For more information please email tomahawk@WoodlandArchery.com



NEW: Training Knife

Woodland Archery is proud to feature this great NEW Training knife. 

This knife is modeled after the "scalping knives" given by the British to the Native Tribes in the Eastern Woodland Areas from 1745-1812.  It is an early version of the knife made famous by James Bowie (The Bowie Knife). 

This knife is made of HARD plastic and has no give.  It is not flexibleas many rubber knives are.  This makes it perfect for real training and knife disarms. 

Students of historical Western Martial Arts, Kali, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung-Fu, and various other martial arts will find this to be a great addition to your toolbox.

This is the perfect knife to pair with the Tomahawk above.

Training Knife Introduction Price:  only $12 USD



You love ordering a Combo Meal at the local fastfood place, so why not here?  As an introductory special I will bundle one (1) Training Tomahawk and one (1) Training Knife for the single low price of $30 USD.  That is a few dollars off the regular price and you can use that money to buy a cheeseburger somewhere.



 Looking For Training Tips and Ideas?

Visit the NEW Tomahawk Training Blog.  Here you will find great teaching videos, training tips, ideas, cool products, and maybe a surprise or two.  Go to http://www.TomahawkTraining.com for more tips and tricks.