Red Oak English Wooden Longbow


Red Oak English Longbow

Tip of Longbow

This version of our Red Oak English Longbow is backed with linen.  The traditional fabric backing acts like a protective layer to make a safer and stronger bow that will last for years.   It pulls approximately 30-35 pounds at 28 inch draw. The bow is 72 inches in length and up to 1 1/4 inches in width at the handle. It is flat on the back and rounded on the belly much like the traditional longbows of England.  In medieval Europe,  white woods (oak, ash, hickory, elm, hazel, etc) were used when yew was not readily available and they produced some remarkable weapons.  The whitewood bows did not need the traditional horn nocks as these woods were much harder then Yew.

This type of bow was used by the English archers in the Battle of Agincourt to repel the French forces.  The English were out-numbered at least 10 to 1.  William Shakespeare wrote of this battle in his play King Henry V.


There is NO ARROW REST on this bow.  This bow is designed to be shot off the knuckles.  This is the traditional method of shooting a bow.  If you would like an arrow rest, please message me with that information.  

This bow is a specially designed for SCA, Ren Faires, LARP, Reenactments, Target Shooting, or all purpose fun.  This is a SERIOUS WEAPON and should be treated as such.

This is also the same style of bow that would have been used by the legendary literary figure Robin Hood.

Robin Hood


The bow is permanently finished and needs no maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • This bow is also available in a Youth Size with the approximate draw of 20 lbs. at 20 inches
  • A great handmade bow for a great price
  • Great for SCA, Reenactments, Renaissance fairs, Target Shooting, and all purpose fun
  • All bows come with string, custom bow stringer, and a set of instructions
  • Great one year guarantee against breakage

Pricing: $85.00 + $14 Shipping

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