PVC Bows

Woodland Archery’s PVC Recurve  Bow for Ren Faire, Amtgard, larp, SCA, Cosplay, or target shooting. Be Brave, Be a Ranger, Be an Archer!


This is the Saracen bow used in many movies including the BBC Robin Hood and the Liongate 2018 Robin Hood reboot (it was awful).  It is also the same style bow used in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. .  It is a real, smooth shooting bow that pulls about 35 pounds. The actual bow is patterned after the horse bows used by Chinese, Mongolians, Turks and many others. Perhaps you are a fan of the Lionsgate 2018 gritty version of Robin Hood or the lighter hearted BBC version of the Robin Hood tale. played by Jonas Armstrong.

In both of these movies and TV shows, Robin uses a Turkish bow he brought back from the crusades.  This bow has a similar overall style of archery equipment.

I have sold many of these recurve bows at local Ren faires (Renaissance Fairs), LARPand SCA events as well as reenactments.  We even used these bows for an Archery Shoot at a LARP event, ComicCon event, SCA event, and several Boy Scouts and one Girl Scout event as well.

Some of my PVC bows have been used by fans of people like Zelda, Link, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Elvish Warriors, and many others.

“Best Bow in the marketplace”- Link

“Hey, Listen”- Navi

“I can’t miss with this bow”- Hawkeye

(Ok, maybe these were paid endorsements) 🙂

The bow is made of composite plastic (polyvinylchoralide) and looks and functions exactly like wood.  I have fooled several people in person and the only way they know it is not wood, is to pick up the bow (I had one guy argue with me and I made the bow 🙂  ) These bows are 56.5 inches tip to tip. It pulls about 35 pounds at 26 inches and 40 pounds at 28 inches. I really would stick with a short draw. The bow is great for LARP, SCA, Renaissance faires, and I would image even Katniss would Hunger after a bow like this. This is a REAL smooth shooting bow. My daughter won an Archery tournament using one of these bows.  I have made a few of these bows for ArcheryTag (think paintball with foam tipped arrows), backyard shoots, and even had one customer use it for hunting small game.  These really are great shooters.   Please let me know what finish you would like: Light wood, Dark Wood, or black. 550 paracord string included. If color is not given, I will ship a dark wood grain model.


1.) It is made from PVC and formed into an awesome shooting REAL bow (I have been shooting some of the first ones I made for over 6 YEARS!).

2.) Yes- They shoot very well

3.) Seriously, they perform great

4.) I know, PVC right?  They do shoot well

5.) MOST SCA events allow bows like this (check with your archery range master)

6.) No assembly required

7.) 10 EASY payments of $19.95 each — OR just pay the website price

8.) Offer not valid on the Moon, Mars, or in Topeka Kansas (sort of like Mars)

9.) No animals were harmed in these photos, well maybe that one ant I stepped on

10.) No, I am not lying!

Once again, this is a REAL, solid shooting PVC recurve bow.  Yes, it really does perform well and I know you will love it

You can buy this awesome bow on Etsy.  Just Click HERE