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Bare Bones Bows

Bare Bones Bows Complete Lineup. - See the complete line of longbows starting at only $55.00


Native American Bows

The bows used by various tribes of Native peoples in the United States.  If you are looking for a bow used by a certain tribe, people group, or region just email us at info@WoodlandArchery.com We have supported many Hollywood movies and television productions in research and planning. These bows are handmade from Red Oak by a skilled bowyer. They come with a One Year Warranty.

NEW!  BOWS of the NEW WORLD - Bows made by the same bow-maker as the ones in the 2006 film THE NEW WORLD.

Plains Indian and HOME Defense Bow - This bow is always strung so it is ALWAYS READY whenever you might need it.  A Strong bow in a compact package.

Modoc Wide Limbed Hunting Bow - A perfect bow for hunting.  Small, powerful, and quick.

Native American Flat bows - Eastern Woodland style flatbow used by Cherokees and other tribes

Medieval Times Bows

Bows used by the infamous archer Robin Hood and others in the Middle Ages.  These bows are traditionally made from a soft wood know as yew.  Our replicas are made from a strong Red Oak and offer great value in a traditional bow.

Red Oak English Longbow - Olde English longbow.  This is the bow of Robin Hood and other fine archers.  One of the most popular designs

Youth English Longbow- This is the Youth version of the English Longbow.

WARBOW- a warbow modeled after the remains of bows from 1545

Fantasy Bows

Lord of the Rings - Legolas Inspired Longbow - A Fine fantasy bow inspired from the LOTR movies and J.R.R. Tolkein books

King Arthur "Defender" Bow - Modeled after the bows used in the days of the legendary King Arthur of Camelot.

Asian and International Bows

Japanese Black or Natural Samurai Rough Longbow - This is an economy version of the Yumi below.


Hunting Bows

Solid Hickory Hunting Weight Bow - A custom bow of solid Hickory suitable for hunting
American Target Longbow - A longbow designed for target and 3D sport shooting from an arrow rest.

Bow Making Books and Plans 

Complete Bow making books and plans in one kit.  Two COMPLETE books (Flatbow by W. Ben Hunt, and Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope PLUS two bonus article with plans to make your own Longbow or Flatbow for only $24.95

Training Tomahawks

Unique plastic training Tomahawks and knives for the Martial Artist or Historical researcher. 

Atlatl (Spear Thrower)

Atlatl - A primitive spear thrower capable of bringing down small game or target practice.

See our complete line of BOW MAKING SUPPLIES and KITS 

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