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Within these virtual walls you will find the finest selection of Wooden Longbows, Native American Bows, Fantasy, and LARP bows.  For more information about WHO I AM IRL (In Real Life) click here 

We have bows for every budget from $40 to $400.  Our goal is to promote the wonderful world of archery to you..and you...and even that person behind you.

 Everything a fine archer, like yourself, would need.  If we don't have it, email me and I can get it (unless it is a llama, then I might get it and keep it)

I have added a section of SELF-DEFENSE products.  I believe our world is getting increasingly violent and people need a way to equalize and neutralize violence.  

Here at, I will not trick you or lie to you.  I am not a huge multi-million dollar operation.  I am one guy and a few people on staff that all share a love of archery and a concern for YOU  as a customer.  Thanks for stopping by.

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A bow from the old Norse viking traditions.
Hunting weight PVC Horse Bow
The bow Galadriel Gifted
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A bow from the old Norse viking traditions.
Used by various Native American Indian tribes